Friday, 29 December 2017

The Kunst Haus Wien building was converted from the Thonet furniture factory. It’s not architecturally pure at all; the front is just a facade, the ceramic columns are decorative and the floor is artificially shaped into mounds in a way that doesn’t even resemble nature but which does makes you feel like you are walking on the deck of a small boat.

I like Hundertwasser, though I think I’m yet to convince anyone to share my enthusiasm. His ideas were not as important as he thought they were. But his prints and his buildings make me happy when I look at them. I do wish that I had the right to reshape my own window; that all the buildings in the city had grass rooves, and that there were hanging plants on all the walls.

Incidentally Hundertwasser died on the QEII, which is both very whimsical and quite appropriate for a monarchist.

After the museum we went to the butterfly house at the palace. The blue sky made the glass roof and the heat seem completely appropriate.

You could understand the sad shells of the butterflies that had all seemed to have gathered on the window sills, trying to get out, into a fake summer sky.

It was beautiful in a way but mostly strange; like a subway station, or a vegetable garden, or some combination of the two. The orchids were fake and tied on to sticks at chest height.

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