Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The 26th of September is St Stephen’s day, who wasn’t boiled but actually stoned. He was Christianity’s first martyr, martyrdom clearly being perfected by the point you can sit happily in a giant pot and become a stew, gladly accepting a leek and a bouquet garni from an angel. But in the olden days you just had rabbis chucking rocks at you.

The consequence though is that much of Prague is closed. In the morning we went to the Mucha museum. I appreciate Mucha but I wouldn’t say I like him. I just have a special fondness for him because I once unwittingly helped Giovanna put three of his full scale lithographs through the Lawsons weekly art sale.

In the afternoon we went to the Decorative Arts museum, which was very well curated. The Czech republic was very cosmopolitan in the pre-40’s, and there was a main exhibit of 80 objects that were all beautiful.

My phone had died, naturally, but it was the best and most succinct gallery we saw there. I took a very good photo of the staircase.

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