Thursday, 21 December II

It’s Sunday now and so, consequentially, I can barely remember what occurred on Thursday. But the pictures in this phone have dates. I like the idea of jogging memory, like pictures are a set of spark plugs that reignite a functioning engine that was already there. It’s quite comforting. I wonder if it is actually like that or, even now three days later, my memories are moving versions of these pictures, artistic reinterpretations made out of still images.

Anyway we went to the Decorative arts museum because it was in the same building that contained my lost wallet. The above piece was the standout, clearly, for its beautiful chicken feet and the doughnut shape of the flask which is an objectively silly concept.

This is an excellent chicken ceramic.

This is an important parrot container. It has a removable head but you have to wonder what exactly you would keep in it. Pumpkin seeds? I would keep pumpkin seeds in it.

The Bauhaus archiv, it turns out, and I should have known, has no collection because the Bauhaus was in Dessau. But it does have an excellent shop. Some day I will buy this Wagenfeld tea set. I just need to save up. Also, not take it on a plane, because that could only be tragic. One thing I did learn was that Moholy Nagy went on to Chicago and started a photography school called the New Bauhaus. The photographs were quite good. Sadly, no textile design. I mostly wanted to see Annie Albers’ tapestries.

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