Thursday, 21 December 2017

A lot of people have told me that I lose things very frequently. And I suppose, to an extent, I agree I do, but also I suspect maybe I admit it more than other people. As in maybe other people lose things all the time but they are more sensible about not admitting it, because it is embarassing. Because it seems to me it’s quite easy to lose things. Frankly I have no idea how I lost my wallet with 1x debit card, 1x MasterCard, 250 euros in cash (clearly too much cash, had forgotten how much, thought it was 100 so would have been blissfully ignorant) and 10 pounds (why did I bring pounds to Germany? Don’t know, seemed close enough). One good thing about losing things all the time is you get given them back, which is a very heartening experience. I don’t deserve the goodness of all the people who have variously handed my wallet back to me (always with all the money).

My favourite thing in Renaissance art is iridescent angel wings.

Growing up with Sunday school books you’re given this anoydyne vision of a white walled heaven, full of square jawed Jesus’ and blonde expressionless Gabriels. If you were a made up thing and you could have wings – any wings – surely you would have these.

And if you could be a God, (specifically one version of God, the Christian god, specifically from the range of said God as represented in various art historical periods) surely you’d be this multicoloured, counter-reformational God, creator of an entourage of languorous Mannerist seraphim.

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