Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Who knows why geese go barefoot?

I am pushing the black and white photo thing but, I like this. It reminds me of ’70s art books with their terrible photolithographs. Anyway, the man in this Brueghel is pondering why the geese don’t have shoes. I think it comes across. It’s a Flemish aphorism that means, ‘there’s a plan to everything’. Or something like that.

Today we went to the Gemäldegalerie. I was partly distracted taking photos of all the silly animals in the lesser mediaeval paintings but they have an amazing collection. It is also a huge building – you think it is huge, but it is huger.

It was deserted again when we arrived.

Having no one around definitely makes it easier to take faux architectural photographs.

Part II to come: very difficult to find time to write entries. Much expectation to participate in conversation and leave hotel at earliest opportunity.

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