Sunday, 17 December 2017

You forget how high and sharp and vivid the light in Australia is. The light here is dim and gold and gone by 4:00PM.

My father does not realise that he gives the impression of being offended when spoken to in German (or in any foreign language, generally – including such phrases as hello, thank you, good afternoon would you like a cappuccino?). This has caused confusion and discontent. I think he is trying to hint that he can only speak English. Actually, I am not sure what he is doing. Anyway, he must be kept away from as many Germans as possible.

Hamburg central

When the train arrived, he walked so quickly down the platform to find our carriage number that my sister fell over in pursuit and he did not notice. She was helped up by passing Hamburgers*. I think 36 hours of travel has made us uncivil.

Also, the Germans call mobile phones handys. This is an important discovery.

*This, I presume, is what you call people from Hamburg.

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